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The Green Film Making Project, a Strawberry Earth initiative, challenges film professionals to work more sustainable. Since 2012, the Green Film Making Project collaborates with production companies, sustainable entrepreneurs, film schools and leading institutes in the film sector.

We aim to inspire filmmakers to take the film industry into the future. With this organically growing blog we connect you to the latest international news and inspiration in the field of green filmmaking and sustainable production news.

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Industry ‘Shades of Green’ Panel at the Berlinale: Recap & Coverage

Policies on sustainability, and more sustainable practices, have already made their way as ‘norm’ across many pertinent and high emitting industries – think cars, energy supply, waste management. The film/TV industries however, have yet to enforce limits on their carbon emission outputs, despite the fact that these highly visible industries posses great social influence, and often rely on funding via pubic resources. That’s why at the Berlinale International Film Festival this year, representatives of several European Film Funds and green filmmaking initiatives sat down to discuss the film industry’s continued move towards more sustainable production practice. Yup, and it all went down at a panel entitled ‘Shades of Green’. [image: Bildschön]

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Next Generation of Filmmakers Make own Green Production Guide, Support @ Indiegogo

The film, entitled Cassiopeia, begins shooting in May and is an ambitious and intense drama short, about two lovers that meet again after not having seen each other for two years. The production is also a Masters project for a team of international film students at the University of Edinburgh’s College of Art, who are aiming to produce their film as eco-friendly as possible. That’s why the student production team behind ‘Cassiopeia’ has made its very own ‘Green Production Guide’; a guide that coordinates specific green filmmaking efforts among all of the project’s members & levels of production.  In order to take full advantage, the green filmmaking approach is prominently featured on most of the project’s promotional materials, effectively broadening the scope of confident film funders & shareholders. As a sign of great success, the crew’s green filmmaking ethos has already been awarded the SRS Student Project Grant by the University of Edinburgh’s Department for Social Responsibility & Sustainability – Bravo! You can support the green production of Cassiopeia on its Indigogo page here, or check out its Green Production Guide here.

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Video & Recap: Dutch Workshop ‘Sustainable Production in Practice’ Sheds light on Fresh Insights

On March 19th professional filmmakers, executive producers & location managers gathered at pllek, in Amsterdam to attend the workshop ‘Sustainable Production in Practice’. Els Rientjes (Sustainability Manager to the Dutch Film industry) hosted the workshop to harness a new way of thinking & working for production professionals: “If we do not participate in the sustainability shift now, we will soon loose our relevancy” said Rientjes. Best practises identified during the workshop include: detailed planning & communication of the sustainability strategy in pre-production, introducing a broader definition of work for location managers (since location managers best know the capacities of a site), strategic waste management, & the introduction of a Sustainable Coordinator as a permanent crew member on set.  read more…