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The Green Film Making Project, a Strawberry Earth initiative, challenges film professionals to work more sustainable. Since 2012, the Green Film Making Project collaborates with production companies, sustainable entrepreneurs, film schools and leading institutes in the film sector.

We aim to inspire filmmakers to take the film industry into the future. With this organically growing blog we connect you to the latest international news and inspiration in the field of green filmmaking and sustainable production news.

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In 2015, The Green Film Making Project Thanks You!

Since its inception three years ago, our Green Film Making Project has been initiating the development, and spread of knowledge related to more sustainable production practices. As a result of this project, Dutch film professionals have grown to see the importance and benefit of sustainable film production – green filmmaking has truly ‘landed’ within the Dutch industry. Moving forward into 2015, The Green Film Making Project will continue forth in a new form. As of Jan. 1st 2015, the Netherlands Film Fund (one of the partners of The Green Film Making Project) will be facilitating the first official Sustainability Manager for the Dutch film industry: Els Rientjes. It is Rientjes who will carry the green filmmaking ‘baton’ forward in 2015, as she develops and supports a structural framework through which the whole of the industry, can produce more sustainably. And we are extremely proud of this development! read more…

From ‘Greening the Screen’ (UK) to ‘Shades of Green’ at the upcomming Berlinale (DE); industry is buzzing with overwhelming talks of commitment to sustainable practise

Earlier in January, the BFI and BAFTA jointly presented the latest event in their annual Greening the Screen series. At the Jan 14th event, leading practitioners from both UK TV and Film, got together for an afternoon of panel discussions and presentations that showcased the current best practice for environmentally responsible production. The  event explored the ways in which the industry can lessen its negative impacts, while highlighting  the steps that film production professionals can currently take to support more sustainable practices. This is a much needed area of attention, as the film industry based in the UK annually emits 150,000 tonnes of CO2 from film production alone. The conversation that was started at the Greening the Screen event will be further continued next month at the Berlinale during Shades of Green – Do we need rules to take responsibility? a hosted panel discussion at the festival on Feb.7th. [image: Vrij Nederland] read more…

Els Rientjes, Sustainability Manager to the Dutch Film Industry

Els Rientjes, Sustainability Manager to the Dutch Film Industry

As of Jan. 1st 2015, Els Rientjes will be in full force as the first official Sustainability Manager for the Dutch film industry. Rientjes is committed to making the Dutch film industry more sustainable, and also has years of experience within the Dutch Television and Film Industry to draw from; as a Creative Producer at IDTV, Manager of TV Productions at Niehe/Stokvis, and most recently, as Creative Producer at Fu Works. Rientjes is looking forward to taking on sustainability within her new role: “I want to use my passion and knowledge of Film and Television, in order to make the sustainable innovation more accessible to film producers.” And the industry, is very lucky to have her. [photo: Michael Vervuurt] read more…